About ME - Joe Vela Photography

I have always been a fan of magazines that with much skill were able to provide an insight into a world bigger than that which I was familiar to.  From breathtaking scenes, to the emotions brought by happiness or tragedy, the question always present was, "what does the person behind the lens possess that gives him such ability to provide this account of life?".  The only way to find out was to dive in and try for myself.  And here I am.

What began as a hobby has now turned into something much greater...a passion.  A passion that continues to bring joy every single day.  Documenting life, architecture, street scenes, and the beauty and diversity of humanity.

Right now I hope to become a part of your journey as you become part of mine.  I want to document your precious moments, whether it is your engagement, wedding, quinceanera, birthday party or your portrait.  I know we can capture that special moment that will last forever.

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